About Team Solowife

Team Solowife is a small group of friends who share their appreciation for women who masturbate when alone. We love the sights of sounds of females taking charge of their own sexuality.

How it all started

It began as an off-hand remark on an Internet forum where I met Dan, Rachelle's husband. Turns out he was local, and we got together for drinks and we shared stories. On a lark, we posted an ad on a popular Web classifieds site looking for other local guys who shared our interest.

We discovered our "hobby" was more popular than we thought! We formed a club, and called it Team Solowife. About once a month we get together and swap videos, how-to advice, and equipment.

Improving the art of hidden videos

Most hidden masturbation videos are poor quality. We wanted to improve the art of the hidden mast video!

We set out some quality guidelines:

  • Color and sound, when possible
  • Where practical use modern compact camcorders
  • No blurred faces
  • Lens zoomed-in for closer view, if possible
  • Minimal noise from tape or transmitter

Equipment we use

Good videos require good equipment. We pooled together some money and bought equipment to share. Our repertoire includes a couple of small digital camcorders, a compact camcorder, and a 4-channel portable DVR. We've thrown away all our cheap "pinhole" security cameras but sometimes use IR cams for nightvision.

Members of Team Solowife take turns using the gear, which is concealed various ways. Without giving away our trade secrets, concealment methods include a custom-made analog bookshelf clock with a two-way mirror for the face, a hi-fi speaker with a camera positioned behind the grille fabric, and a reworked famous brand tabletop radio.

Many of the videos are made using a microwave band wireless link to a multi-channel DVR, but others are recorded directly on tape, camcorder hard drive, or memory card.

(While on the subject, I must remind you that in some areas recording a person without their consent may be against the law. Do not construe what we do as a recommendation you should make similar videos. Don't blame us if you get caught and your wife divorces you, or you get thrown into jail!)

The Team Solowife Manifesto

We like to think of our hidden masturbation videos as art, for what could possibly be more beautiful than a woman taking enjoyment of her own anatomy.