Solowife Customer Service

Customer Service Hours Customer service for your billing account, username/password retrieval, and account status is 24/7, available directly from CCBill:
Phone: (888) 596-9279

For other customer service inquiries, please see the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

User Names and Passwords

When you signed up to Solowife you were given a unique username and password. Your standard user name/password for other sites WILL NOT work here.


Please check your e-mail mailbox for the confirmation from CCBill - it contains your unique username and password in order to access your site.

PLEASE READ: Avoid typing mistakes! Copy and paste your user name/password from the e-mail you received when you signed up. Be sure not to include any leading or trailing spaces when you select the text.

Didn't get a confirmation e-mail? Call or send an e-mail to CCBill to retrieve your subscription information.

User names and passwords are case sensitive. The username 123AbC is NOT the same as 123abc or 123ABC. Be sure to disengage the CAPS LOCK key before typing your user name and password.

Forgotten Passwords If you've already signed up but have forgotten your username or password, please contact CCBill here:

You may also reach a customer service representative 24/7 by calling them at (888) 596-9279.

No Access to Member Area Should you still not be able to access the member area of this site after contacting CCBill and retrieving your correct username and password, and your subscription is still valid, send e-mail to the address at the bottom of this page.

Include your (approximate) date of joining and any other information you can so that we may help you determine your membership status.

Additional Login Help For additional help in logging into our member's area go to the Login Help page.

Popups This site does NOT serve popup advertising. If you are getting popups while here you have "adware" or other software running on your computer. There are security programs available that can delete these from your PC.

Viewing the Videos

All videos are encoded in two formats:

  • WMV - for Microsoft Windows Media player
  • MP4 - for Apple Quicktime, iPad/iPhone, and most mobile devices

Most videos are in color, and have sound.

Clips are played or saved using the download links, located at the bottom of the description for each clip. Examples of links to clips are "Part 1" or "Download."

Some clips have multiple parts. You can download the parts you wish.

You can either click on the link to start the video playing (please WAIT for the full video to download), or right-click, and save the file to your hard drive.

Note: Some older versions of Microsoft Media Player will not play media files directly by clicking on the file link. If you click on a file link and get an error that says Media Player cannot play the file, simply right-click over the file URL, choose Save As, and save the clip to your PC.

Saving a Video to Your Computer

Our videos are intended to be enjoyed by downloading to your computer, and viewed from your local hard disk drive. They are not "streamable" videos. See the above item on how to save the clips to your computer.

Guest and Member Areas On the guest and member areas are identical. What you see in the guest area is exactly what is available inside the member's area. The only difference is that in the member area you can download the actual clips.

Cancel Subscription

If you chose a recurring billing option, you may terminate your membership at any time here:
Phone: (888) 596-9279
Fax: (480) 449-8820

Unless you chose the recurring monthly billing option, we do not automatically rebill your credit card or checking account to extend your subscription to this site. If you selected a non-recurring billing, there is no need to cancel your subscription to prevent an additional charge.

Billing Merchant Name The charge for membership at this site will appear on your account under the merchant name * SoloVisuals.

Expired Subscription

Subscriptions run for 30 days (unless a longer term is selected), then self-expire. If you chose to be rebilled monthly (saves you money), your subscription will be automatically extended another 30 days, until you cancel.

E-Mail to You We do not send e-mail to you unless it is in response to an inquiry that you sent to us, or unless we need to get in contact with you regarding a problem with your membership. We do not spam, send viruses, or update you via e-mail regarding your subscription or the latest files to the site.

Customer Service
E-Mail (e-mail to us)
For customer service inquiries other than those described above send your e-mail to the following address. If you are a member, PLEASE provide either your subscription number or user name.

Bear in mind that the support staff of Solowife is basically one person (me), and I have a day job. I do my best to answer all customer service inquires just as quickly as possible. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.