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InteractiveVideo: Hidden Masturabtion Loops

Don't you wish you could concentrate on just the "juicy bits" of your favorite solo masturbation clips? Maybe replay those shapely legs as they open, or slow down that wonderful finger action?

Now you can, with our exclusive InteractiveVideo player. It plays our hand-picked 30-45 second "juicy stuff loops" and lets you repeat all or a part of the video, choose the playback speed, quickly change clips, and more.

Special functions:

  • Go back two seconds to rewatch that quiver or moan
  • Slow down the action to half or quarter speed
  • Auto-repeat looping for hands-free viewing
  • Restart video with a keypress or button click
  • Zoom to full screen
  • Keyboard shortcuts (work even in full screen mode)
  • Quick change media — click on a poster image and go!

Using the InteractiveVideo Player

There are a few extra controls on the InteractiveVideo player you should know about. Hover the mouse to see a description of what the special buttons do, or just experiment!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these handy keyboard shortcuts to make video navigating even easier. These keys work in standard and full-screen modes.

Left-hand control

  • A — Video play/pause
  • S — Restart video
  • D — Go back 2 seconds
  • F — Auto repeat on/off
  • Z — Normal speed
  • X — Half speed
  • C — Quarter speed

Right-hand control

  • H — Video play/pause
  • J — Restart video
  • K — Go back 2 seconds
  • L — Auto repeat on/off
  • B — Normal speed
  • N — Half speed
  • M — Quarter speed

Note: If the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to have effect, try clicking on the player, and try again.

InteractiveVideo Loop Categories

Choose your poison ... more categories and loops to cum!


Masturbation made easy: roll over, rock your hips, have an orgasm. Cute butt action optional, but highly preferred!

Legs High

The higher the heels, the steeper the climax. And who can't resist those adorable curling toes at her moment of ecstasy?


For those times when a girl just needs some extra horse power. Better stock up on the AAs batteries!


These girls practice the fine art of putting fingers into various nooks, crannies, and bodily orifices.

Up Close

This fly-on-the-wall comes in for a closer look. Too bad our video player isn't Smell-o-Vision, too! (We're workin' on it...)