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Kat humps her pussy against the bed while looking at Web porn

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat enjoys looking at some Internet porn while masturbating after getting out of the shower. Her clit is left tingling from the hot water, and now she finishes the job by scrubbing her raw pussy against the bedspread.

She first comes onto the bed and finishes spreading lotion over her soft and supple legs and arms. That little bit of business done, she hops off to get the laptop. A few minutes later (I cut out all the extra) she returns, laying on her tummy, and using her fingers to diddle her hole.

Kat's ass, facing the camera, flexes as she presses her clit down against the bed. She can't help but (More...)

One look at her face you know she's having an orgasm

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Watch Summer's face and listen to her soft moaning voice as she cums! She settles down in the couch and turns on one of her favorite adult videos on the TV, but after a minute or so she's seen enough and turns if off. Using only her own fantasies, she buzzes her clit with a pocket vibrator. The camera has an overhead view of Summer, revealing each time she has a mini-orgasm. The sounds is pretty good, too, as toward the end she's gotten so worked up you can hear gushy sounds as she fingers herself! After she cums, she even wipes herself off with h(More...)

Sexy mom has a very loud cum while stuffing her hands down her pants

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Alicia needs to cum, but she doesn't have all afternoon to do it. So she gets out a magazine to masturbate to, and shoves her hand down her pants for a quickie - but very loud! - wankoff.By the end, she's to the point of hyperventilating as she dry humps her hips, ready (and quite willing) for a good fucking. As she starts, Alicia occasionally touches her crotch and tits to help hurry things along. I mean, get a load of her pokies, even through her support bra (and don't miss the constant camel toe in her pants). She soon unbuttons (More...)

Connie uses her toy to get used to cumming with her legs up and open

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Conni is out of the shower and wants to masturbate. She's wearing only a towel and a smile! The video catches her coming into view and putting an adult video on the DVD player to watch. She then settles down on the bed, and proceeds to jill off with her favorite toy. Her feet really stretch high on this one as she practices cumming with her legs open. Her husband Carl says this practice is making her better at being able to orgasm when they're having sex. Before Conni started masturbating this way she could only cum with her legs (More...)

Maddy likes to diddle her pussy after taking a shower

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Madeline has one of her quicky-cums before she has to dash out of the apartment. She's had a fast shower, and with her clitty still tingling from the water, finishes herself off in just a few minutes. Right from the start she's in a hurry to cum as she strips off her towel and gets down to business. She lubes up a toy and pumps it in and out of her already-wet pussy for maximum sensation. She opens her legs so she can get it in real far. As she nears her orgasm her (More...)

Sneaky camcorder catches Maddy rubbing one out when she thinks no one's home

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Madeline doesn't think anyone's home so she allows herself to have a very loud cum with her favorite g-spot vibrator. Her room mate (and ex-boyfriend) Robb stands down the hall and tries to hold the camcorder as steady as possible. Lots of good zoomed close-ups in this one! You can clearly see Maddy's very hard clitoris and silky-smooth pussy as she works the vibe over her mound, and inside her velvet vagina (More...)

Kat jerks her little clitty rather than do work

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Kat helps out in my office now and then. I make sure I get out for at least the afternoon, in the hopes she'll get bored and touch herself. I had a camera in IR mode pointing to the only comfortable chair in the break room, and it reveals Kat playing instead of working. With another hour left before she can go home, she finishes proofreading a letter I had her write to a client. Then she puts the notebook down, and lets her fingers roam. Kat starts just feeling her way under her dress, then finally settling back for the main event. She cums by putting two or three fingers into her moist hole, and rubbing her (More...)

Kat enjoys personal time, with her fingers and an erotic movie

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Here's Kat, home from work, a little earlier than her husband, and she takes a few minutes to take care of her feminine needs. After a few minutes her fingers roam under her pretty skirt, and she's feeling good touching herself. It doesn't take her long to get herself off, so it's pretty obvious she was wanting it badly. In addition to capturing this little episode on tape, Kat's husband Henri knew his wife had masturbated when he got home, because he could smell the aroma of her pussy on her fingers. He got home just a few minutes after this and she didn't have a chance to (More...)

Summer decides to cum before getting dressed in the morning

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Summer has gotten up for the morning, and has just made the bed. She's still stark naked, but decides she needs a little self-cuddle time to herself. She gets out her vibe and lube, and proceeds to give her pussy a 'good morning' hello. Even when summer is masturbating she has a happy look of pleasure on her face. It's sometimes a little hard to see all of her in this clip because the view is a little masked by the camera concealment. But I just love it when she checks to see if Dylan is coming up the driveway, then gets a wry smirk as she continues to work (More...)

Alicia spreads her legs and lets her puzzy ooze

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Alicia is squeaky clean from taking a bath. She wears only a towel as she comes into the TV room, sits down on their vintage 60's couch, and turns on a lusty TV adults-only channel. It doesn't take this mother of two to open her towel and legs, as she lets her fingers wander around about. While watching the porn video Alicia dips her fingers into her hot honey pot, occasionally using a small battery operated vibrator to nudge some extra tickles from her tingling clitoris. By the end, her fingers are literally flying over her oozing cooch, and she bucks her hips (More...)

Spying on a lonely girlfriend taking care of herself

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Madeline is feeling lonely, and incredibly enough hasn't had sex in a long time. So she takes matters into her own hands - and favorite vibrator! The beautiful brunette uses a magazine to help get herself off. She lies back on her bed, legs open, and stokes the vibrator in and out like it's a penis fucking her. With her other hand she rubs her little clitty raw. From time to time she looks at the pictures in the magazine to keep her mind on the task at hand. When she orgasms you know it because she grunts to get it all out! (More...)

Monika stuffs her pussy with a thick rubber dildo

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Monika hasn't had an orgasm in a few days and she's more than ready for one. It's night, her hubby is out at work for a few more hours, and she's left alone with just her fingers and toys! Our horny wife and mom puts on her favorite porn, gets out a thick rubber dildo, and gives herself a good fucking by stroking it in and out of her pussy. In the first half of the video she uses the dildo to get her juices really flowing, and her clit nice and hard. She then switches to her fingers playing over her clitoris to bring herself over the top. She cums with her legs (More...)

Horny Kat can't wait for hubby and humps her clitoris

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat's husband Henri actively encourages his young wife to masturbate. It gets her primed for when he gets home. She is not aware he also likes to watch her doing it, and has a hidden a on the dresser to catch it. Kat and Henri do a little sexting, and she takes the bait. She flips herself over onto her stomach, and starts cumming as she rubs the vibrator over her clitoris and inside her pretty pussy. When she's reaching the top, she turns the vibrator up to some super-pulsing mode. Kat climaxes (More...)

atching Ronee's having some private afternoon delight

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Ronee likes to play with herself when she gets home from work. She has a couple hours in the afternoon before her husband arrives. She uses the time to good advantage. Ronee's work can be stressful, and playing with herself is a terrific drug-free way to ease the strain. And besides, it feels good! This one is a slow cum, with Ronee on her tummy, as she fiddles with her female anatomy using whatever hand she can get under her! (More...)

Off goes the bikini bottoms and in goes the dildo!

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Maddy has come back from a swim and needs a little girl time all by herself. She opens her legs and plays with her wet pussy while massaging her clit with a vibrator. She peels off her red bikini bottoms then calmly and slowly prepares herself by applying some lube all over her mound. She then eases back, lifts her legs, and then gently stokes a rubber vibrator against her eager clit. As her orgasm is building Madeline occasionally takes time out to push a couple of fingers into her freshly shaved little box. Her pussy is dripping by now, and (More...)

atching Summer rubbing her pink pussy to hardcore

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Summer rubs one out while watching a hardcore video. Outside her window is the very busy (and sometimes noisy!) city. But she ignores all that and concentrates on the couple fucking on the TV. She's already laying down (her panties already off), and as the TV action heats up she starts to massage the wetness between her legs. Summer has hitched her top down to expose her lovely breasts, and pulled her skirt up to give her better access to her pussy and clit. With the breeze blowing though the window she works up her clitty until (More...)

Maddy cums first before going out with friends

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Maddy has finished taking a shower and is about to go out on a date. But before she gets dressed she first settles down and rubs herself until she has what looks like a very satisfying orgasm! This is a great overhead shot, looking down at Maddy as she gets comfortable on the bed, then slowly sheds her bath towel. She's still all-nude underneath, so there's no bra or panties to get in the way. I love this shot because you can clearly see Madeline's very engorged clitoris poking out of her very smooth (More...)

Legs open, tits out - it don't get no better than this!!

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Alicia has just come home from work, and the rest of the family will be home in less than half an hour. It was apparently a tough day, and she needs to relax - she knows the best way to do that is have a nice cum. With a secret sex magazine, Alicia off her business skirt, then quickly pleasures herself to a very hard and satisfying orgasm. While playing with her pussy this mom of two pulls her top up, exposing a terrific set of tits, with already erect nipples. It takes only a couple minutes for Alicia to (More...)

She just loves the feel of pussy in the morning!

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

A housewife that wakes up to find she's alone in the bed. She does what every lady loves to do -- she diddles her pussy until she has a soothing orgasm! Minutes in an alarm goes off, and she uses the opportunity to get her favorite vibrator. She's a gal that likes to raise her legs while she masturbates with objects up her pussy. It helps her to push the dildo or vibrator deeper into her vagina, hitting the G-spot at the same time. She cums with a blast, then (More...)

Kat primes her pussy for sex by masturbating with a vibrator

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Kat is home from work, with hubby not expected for at least another 15 minutes. So she takes the time to masturbate, getting her pussy all slicked up for a great evening of sex! Wanting skin-on-skin, she peels off her bottoms to expose her shaved vagina, and lifts up the top to reveal her curvy breasts. Part way through, Kat rolls on to her tummy, and humps the vibe while pushing it hard against her clit. She can't help but make her little squeaky noises as she r(More...)

Be a fly on the wall in Summer's bedroom!

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

It's hot and Summer is feeling Randy. She begins by spreading a liberal amount of lotion over her arms, legs, and even over her cute boobies. She then rolls over, short-shorts still on (her ass cheeks peeking through!), and does a little solo humping. With her top off, a wet and ready hole, and a head full of naughty housewife thoughts, Summer scratches the itch that only she can reach. There's even a bit of ass-up play, but pretty soon she (More...)

Conni wakes up to a big clit hard-on, and takes care of her frisky business

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Late to bed, late to rise, makes a wife very horny! Leave it to Conni to stay in bed late, and jill herself off to a pair of orgasms. After all, that's what her clit is for! It's fairly plain she's had a nice dream, and her pink nub is already stiff, ready for action. Conni slips the panties off, and rubs her bare pussy, cumming not once, but twice. After her orgasm, she slips her bikini bottoms back on, gets up, and seems to pet her crotch, as if to say (More...)

Maddy gets her cum juice all over her dildo and fingers

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Madeline has a pussy-pounding cum before going out with her friends for the afternoon. She lays on her back, hands down the front of her skirt, kneading at her tender boobs. Runs circles around her nipples as she fingers around the hood of her clitoris. Now fully interested, the rubbing gets more vigorous, but soon she realizes she needs the power of electricsShe pushes the skirt down to her ankles, exposing creamy thighs. Maddy teases her slit with (More...)

Kat keeps herself entertained on a boring afternoon

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

My business isn't always very busy, but for temp helpers like Kat I make sure they stay the day, just to see what will happen. In this video, it's after lunch in my office. I tell her I'm out for the afternoon (true, actually), and she's left with basically nothing to do. Part way through the clip you can see her reach between the sofa cushions to retrieve her little rocket toy, which she previously hid (More...)

Home alone on a Sunday Alicia cranks her little clitty

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

It's Sunday afternoon and Alicia is being given a mommy's day off. Her husband has taken the kids to the movies, so she has the house all to herself. After doing some housework, she takes a little snooze, only to wake up randy. Knowing her family won't be home for a while, she rubs ones out and has a jerking orgasm before getting up. She sinks deep into the chaise couch, and she does bring out both titties as she rubs her (More...)

Proof staying in bed is the best opportunity for your wife to masturbate

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Vera returns from her morning pee break and decides that before getting up for the day she'll treat herself to her own orgasm. She masturbates using her favorite vibrator. Her husband knows that letting his wife stay in bed a little longer in the morning is the surest way to get her to play with herself. While Vera certain jills off other times, there's something about a morning whack-off that she - like many women - can't resist! Watch as she strokes the vibrator in and out of her smooth box, while feeling (More...)

Summer licks her own girly cum off her vibrator!

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Beautiful Summer has taken a bath and is relaxing on the bed while reading an erotic book. She rubs her tender clit she uses her vibe to get a taste of her own pussy juice! She slips the toy in, pumps it in and out a few times, then pulls it out and licks it off! There's some very loud traffic noise outside, but you can still hear this sexy woman's cooing when she builds up to her climax. Summer has her legs apart while rubbing her pretty titties and little (More...)

Experimenting with a new toy, Stephanie takes her sweet time to orgasm

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Stephanie's boyfriend gets her a new toy to play with and at first no apparent interest. But a week later she gives it a try. After reading the instructions, Steph settles down for a slow, long cum. After plugging it in, Stephanie starts slowly, pulling her panties to the side so she can mount the vibrating head firmly against her pink nugget. Eventually takes her panties off, and spreads her legs - they get wider and wider as she goes. Stephanie gently rocks her hips as (More...)

Kat is caught humping her way to a grinding orgasm

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat is one of those woman who enjoys the sensation of rocking her hips up and down on a bed, rubbing her clitoris against a pillow or sheet. She starts by pulling her summer dress up to her thighs (of course, no panties!) and diddles a bit to get her motor running. Then it's onto her stomach. She wants to cum, so she gets out a vibrating toy and uses it all around her pussy while she humps against the (More...)

Off go the pajamas, in go the fingers!

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Ronee is caught in a secret moment rubbing her tender private parts, scrubbing up and down until she has the orgasm that she's been wanting all day! Home from work for some time, she's changed into some comfy pj's. She puts in an adult video she knows she can orgasm to, settles back on the couch, and proceeds to tickle her vagina and clitoris. Ronee isn't in a great hurry to cum, so she takes her time, alternating between spreading her pussy lips and (More...)

Maddy takes care of the raging erection under her shorts

Found in 'Just Jilling'

After an afternoon nap time Maddy awakens to a hardon, and decides to pleasure herself in that way only her fingers know how to do. She drops her drawers, parts her thighs, and finds the pleasure of her own company. As she teaches that naughty little pink bean a lesson, she kneads her nipples and breasts, occasionally lifting her hips off the bed, as if to grind her fingertips more deeply over her luscious box. After nearly 10 minutes, her sweet orgasm arrives, and she grunts in (More...)

Squeaky clean Vera tweaks her pussy for another round of rub-the-bean

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Vera's just stepped out of the shower, having cleaned every nook, cranny, and crevice. Time for skin lotion, and a bit of clit play. She cums in the late afternoon thinking no one's seen her being naughty! After finishing with the lotion she gets around to sticking her fingers into her moist vagina, and arouses her clitoris to full attention. Vera obviously wants to cum, so she pulls out her little rubber vibrator and slips it right into her sweet, tight pussy. This mom and wife MILF (More...)

When the day gets too stressful a gal craves her private masturbation sessions

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

When yoga didn't work, Summer turns to her old stand-by to relax: masturbating. Here she is during a recent afternoon using a vibrator to give herself a head to toe buzz. She slips her panties off - revealing that great nearly-shaved pussy of hers - and starts to work her clit with her fingers. After getting herself hard and juiced up, out comes the vibrator, which she presses HARD against her clitoris. She continues for several minutes, having a couple of (More...)

Alicia gets herself worked up watching other people screw

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Alicia is one of those women turned on by threeway porn with two guys and a gal. She uses the vids to beat off her clit during the day when no one is home. In this vid, Alicia opens her legs as her fingers deftly peel her panties to the side so she can stuff a small vibrator up her wet hole. She rubs like there's no tomorrow as she watches a girl getting stuffed by two cocks at once. Unable to hold back any longer, Alicia's legs strain under (More...)

Conni's bare toes curl up as she cums

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Conni comes home early just to get in a good female wank before her husband arrives. She slips off her pants, peels her panties down to her ankles, and dabs some fingers into her moist hole. Conni is one of those gals who somtimes uses porn to help her get off, that and a willing vibrator to buzz her lonely clitoris to attention. SHer toes curl up as she reaches her orgasm, then it's off to wash the juicy evidence from her fingers. (More...)

After unsatisfying sex Maddy is horny and takes care of her needs

Found in 'Playing Her Clit In Water'

Madeline is dating a man who isn't good at sex, and this video catches her in the shower after just having had sex. Apparently she hasn't yet cum, so she waits for her boyfriend to fall asleep, then sneaks in a quick shower to get his sticky sweat off her. She begins to diddle herself starting almost immediately after turning the water on! She orgasms by literally digging her fingers into her just-fucked ((More...)

Kat's lonely clit gets a morning workout

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Hubby has left early for work, and Kat is feeling horny. She prepares to masturbate in one of her favorite positions -- face down and rocking back and forth on the bed. Kat peels her PJs down, and exposes her already randy and wet vagina to the pillow. She proceeds to crank one out, Kat-style, putting pussy juice all over her husband's pillow case. Gotta love a woman with ((More...)

When one toy isn't enuogh, Kat gets off using two!

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Kat has come home to an empty apartment after a long day at work. Before long, she fishes under her jeans, playing with her soft mound. Kat gets the vibrator from the bed table, slips off her pants, and begins pressing the toy against her private parts. Her orgasm quickly approaches, and she groans in pleasure as she hits the top. Catching her breath, Kat gently rubs her fingers into ((More...)

Alicia is caught beating off to some printed porn

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Alicia leafs through a magazine for sexy images, then settles back in her recliner and beats her tender meat. She's pretty horny and gets herself off after a few minutes. The tingle between her thighs is worth it, though! Her late afternoon cum is another close call, this time by just minutes. she hardly had time to put her legs together before her husband ((More...)

Vera dances her clitoris against the bedsheets

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Vera is partially dressed as she gets ready to meet some friends for a lunch date. But, running late, she decides to take care of some business between her legs first. Vera vigorously scrubs her clitoris against her bed, sucking in air as her climax approaches. You can hear her cum as she pumps her hips up and down, her cute round ass in the air. Seconds after she's done, she ((More...)

Glass of wine, gal pal on Bluetooth, and a vibrator stuffed up her pussy!

Found in 'Masturbating Outdoors'

Summer gets caught masturbating while chatting with a gal pal on her hands-free Bluetooth mobile. While talking with her friend Summer diddles, and after several minutes cums with a slamming hard orgasm ((More...)

GBack from an office party, "Motorcycle Momma Monika" fantasizes and rubs her big clitoris

Found in 'MOver 40 and Masturbating'

Monika has gone to a dress-up office party as a "motorcycle momma" and apparently had a good time drinking and flirting. She's back home and the videosarts with her siting on the edge of the bed, then peeling off her skirt, revealing her stockings and boots. This is old-fashioned girlie masturbation here -- flat on her back, knees wide, and digging into her soaked muff. She deftly swirls her fingers around her swollen hole, furiously rubbing up and down the length (More...)

Maddy has multiple cums using just her fingers

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Our friend Robb has dug into his bag of tricks and shares this video Madeline, as she is captured doin' the nasty with her clitoris. After what appears to be some frustrating false starts (looks like she's about to hit the spot, then loses it), she cums not once, but twice! Watch the volume level on this one. I boosted it so you can hear every grunt. There are some great orgasmic yelps as she ((More...)

Kat strips completely nude, opens her legs, and plays with a new toy

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Kat's hubby recently picked up a battery-operated egg that has a very strong vibration action. It's little wonder that soon gets the vibrator from the bed table, slips off her pants, and begins pressing the toy against her private parts. We get to watch an all-nude girl spread her legs, wrapping the toy across the folds of her vagina as she buries it deep against her clit. Her orgasm quickly approaches, and she groans ((More...)

With fingers in her wet pie Connie has a cum before her husband gets home

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Conni is sitting on the couch, her soft body under her robe. She fiddles with the remote to put on a sex tape she likes to watch, and in no time has her legs opened, rubbing it with her fingers. As she gets going she inserts a vibrator, feeling its length inside her tight vagina. She orgasms after a few minutes of intense wanking off. Afraid she might get caught if her husband comes home, she flicks ((More...)

Gotta love a woman in a business suit masturbating her heart out!

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Another great view of Conni, dressed in a business suit from work, masturbating to some porn on the TV. She gets her legs up for this one. She turns the sound down on the TV so she can hear if her husband comes home. You can hear some gooey sloshing sounds as she pumps her vibrator over her clitoris. She works hard at her orgasm, breathing heavily as she raises her legs up. When she's ready to cum, she cums hard, legs stretched up a((More...)

Summer enjoys a vibrator stuffed into her pretty little pussy

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Summer masturbates after taking a short snooze. She's already nude under her little blue house dress, so she begins by teasing her nipples and breasts, alternating between pulling on each one, licking her fingers in between. Then she lifts up her dress to expose her nearly shaved pussy, wafting the fabric as if to give her clitoris and vagina some extra air! Before long she reaches over and gets out a small vibrator, which goes into quick service inside ((More...)

After her shower Stephanie watches porn and rubs down her clean clit

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Steph watches a dirty movie and gets herself off with her favorite wand vibrator. She switches on an adult channel, opens her legs, and gets right down to business. It doesn't take her long to get her motor running, and she's feeling the rushing sensation of a building orgasm within minutes. But she holds off, alternating between pressing down real hard, then releasing just as she feels she might cum. Then, unable to hold it off any longer, she ((More...)

Just-fucked Vera gives herself a 30 second standing orgasm

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Vera just had sex, but didn't get to orgasm. She takes a shower afterward to clean the semen out of her pussy before she goes shopping. Vera's husband Gil catches her having knee-buckling standing climax that almost makes her feint and fall out of the shower! He zooms right into her pretty tits, ass, and shaved beaver. When she can no longer hold it off, she braces herself against the wall of the shower, and has a double-cum that ((More...)

Kat can't move after an intense orgasm with her new massager!

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Kat gets a new vibrator from her husband, Henri. In this vid, it's her first time with the toy, and she tentatively applies it to her very willing and interested clitoris. This is a fairly long masturbation session for Kat, and it's hard to keep count of the number of times she orgasms. The last orgasm appears to completely exhaust her. It's so intense she's unable to move for several minutes after cumming! The video was created ... ((More...)

MKat humps a pillow wearing boyshorts

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat's adorable round butt looks good whether or not something is covering it, such as cute boyshorts. In this clip, she comes home from work, takes off her skirt, and plops down on the bed for some Kat massage. Earlier, she tried to take a nap, but couldn't doze off. We've cut off all that, and have left just the part where she rolls onto her tummy, tucks a pillow under her, and rides it until she has a gentle climax. As she humps, she (More...)

Summer has a wide-open orgasm while buzzing her pretty pink clitoris

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Summer spreads her legs and soothes her savage clit while masturbating on the living room couch. Watch her cute feet lift into the air each time her pussy quivers. Looks like summer previously brought in her vibrator , wanting to play with herself while she's still alone in the house, and hid it between the sofa cushions. She turns the vibrator on, and immediately applies its soothing buzz to her already hard clitoris. She gives out several gentle groans (More...)

Alicia pushes her new vibrator deep inside while rubbing her joy button

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Alicia can't resist the call of her tingling clitoris, and gives in to the temptation to touch herself. With her amily out for a few hours, she settles down on the couch in the backroom for a little one-on-one personal activity. Alicia slides out of her shorts, spreads her shapely legs, and inserts a small vibrator into her willing and already wet pussy. She takes her time to build up to a nice orgasm, playing her clit like a (More...)

Another take on a shy but beautiful masturbating wife

Found in 'Dildos & Vibrators'

Here's the beautiful Ronee Ronee slipping off her jammie bottoms and opening her legs. The camera is just about in a perfect spot to see right into her luscious and lickable pussy. She has what appears to be several small orgasms, capped off by a final one (look closely!) that makes her legs tremble. And of course, while you're watching all this, just take a look at those incredible boobies! (More...)

Kat treats her cold by treating her pussy to an orgasm

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat has been down with a cold, so she tries some self-medication. Orgasms sometimes help her to doze off, so she pushes the sheets aside, rolls over onto her stomach, and slides her clothes off. She puts a pillow under her hips to give herself something to press against. You can see her cute round rump bob up and down as she massages her clitoris against the pillow. It's a pretty good view between her legs and right into her slit. Before long, Kat (More...)

Even moms need to play with themselves once in a while

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

Vera jerks herself off while reading an article in a magazine about how to have better sex. She slips off her shorts to give herself access to her tender pussy. With legs open and her fingers diddling her button, she glances at the magazine now and then, getting herself hotter and hotter. Within several minutes, this horny wife and mom is beyond the point of no return. She furiously rubs (More...)

Summer spreads her legs to feel her vibrator all the way in

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

After cooling off with a shower during the hot afternoon, Summer opens her legs and warms back up by rubbing her hard pink clitty. Gotta love the way this sexy wife opens her legs now and then in order to feel the full length of the vibrator deep inside her sweet married pussy. You can hear Summer's delicate coo's and ah's as she feels her orgasm approach. She seems a (More...)

AWearing cute panties Stephanie enjoys a porn vid and her vibrator

Found in 'Dildoes & Vibrators'

Stephanie is Home alone for the evening and has some pleasure planned. She's in her panties and ready for a nice, long cum with her favorite vibrating dildo. Steph uses the remote to turn the TV on, and watches some of the video while gently caressing her soft beaver. Soon, the panties come off, and she gingerly applies the vibe to her clit. Steph is real rough with her pussy in this one, furiously rubbing (More...)

Kat loves the feel of pillow humping in the morning!

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat's husband has left for work, and she's getting some extra shut-eye before getting up. Instead of yoga exercises, Kat does masturbating exercises, which involved scrubbing her hard clit against her bed! She moves around under the covers, then tosses them off. She's wearing just a pink nightie, and is nude underneath. Kat places a pillow under her hips, and settles her mound on top. Then comes the grinding and (More...)

Summer lifts her skirt, opens her legs, and rubs the pink

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Summer takes a short break in the day by lifting her mini skirt, pulling off her pink panties, and strumming her clitty to a nice orgasm. The window is open and you can just feel the warm summer breeze wafting in. Great view of Summer's pert titties as she pulls her top up so she can tweak her nipples. I never tire of seeing her spread her legs open so she can reach her sweet and tender (More...)

Spying on a mature woman getting off to porn

Found in 'LOver 40 and Masturbating'

Monika jerks herself by watching a hardcore fucking video. She uses a vibrator to massage her clit until it is nice and hard. She then rubs her pussy inside and out until she has a very soothing orgasm. You get some good views of Monika's pretty beaver. At the end there's a digital zoom where we get even closer - right when our horny mom reaches the edge. Gotta love Monika's rapid panting as (More...)

For Maddy, some body lotion, a bit of yoga, then a nice hard cum

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Madeline is a girl that needs to beat off a lot. She's just had a quick shower, and she smothers her skin with lotion, then gives her clit a legs-up workout. Judging by Madeline's clit-stroking reaction to a porn tape, the sounds of fucking mixes with Maddy's own moaning and groaning. Maddy strokes the buzzing vibrator in and out,the sensations send her over (More...)

She may be lousy at dictation but she's great at cumming!

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

Kat was between jobs and worked for me at my one-man office at the beginning of the summer. In this clip, she's finished visiting the lady's room at my office building, and has come back to the break room where there's a comfy couch. She digs up an old (but clean) towel, wraps it into a log, and uses it to scrub her clit until she has a raging (More...)

Primed with cum still in her pussy Vera has an extra orgasm in the morning

Found in 'Over 40 and Masturbating'

There's something sexy about a woman masturbating on the sly. But it's super sexy when she masturbates even after having sex, because she simply needs more, more, more! Vera's husband says they've had sex, and he's left her in bed so she can get a little more sleep before starting the day. She's still nude, so it's easy for her to access her bare puss and start rubbing it down. Toward the end she sucks in some air as she squeezes her nips to (More...)

Ah, Conni is alone at last - or so she thinks!

Found in 'Those Sneaky Camcorders'

Conni masturbates looking at a magazine, leafing through the pages and looking at the pictures. Her hand touches her breasts, then they move down to her crotch, where she rubs her pussy through her pajama bottoms.

This only gets her wet, so she pulls the PJ's off, gets a small egg vibrator, and goes to work.. You can clearly see the flaps of her pussy lips, and her extra-hard (and engorged) clitoris. While the vibrator buzzes she rubs it up and down her slit until she has a soothing legs-up (More...)

Madeline needs an orgasm and finds some Internet porn to masturbate to

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Maddy gets ready for work, and has a little time on her hands. So she surfs the Web in search of something to beat off to, finds it, and cranks out a huge orgasm! Our gal starts on the bed with the laptop perched onto her thighs. Soon she begins to play with herself -- the shirt goes up, exposing her cute little titties, and the panties go down to around her ankles. Madeline gently splays spreads her legs open while leaning back comfortably on her soft bed. Her orgasm is sudden, and it appears to (More...)

Humping, Kat style, after waking up from a nap

Found in 'Hidden Humping'

The camera catches kutie wife Kat waking up from an afternoon nap. Simply because she feels like it, she begins to slowly hump her hand, and then turns to her pillow for a harder rub. This one is a slow but sure orgasm, as she scratches her clitoris against the soft pillow. Kat is a young woman who, like many her age, sometimes goes without underwear. That's the case in this clip; she has worn a denim skirt to work, and with nothing underneath. As she humps, the skirt rides up (More...)

Stephanie sneaks in a quick wank before her jealous boyfriend gets home

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Pretty Stephanie needs to masturbate, and has only 15 minutes before her boyfriend gets home. She gets to work by plugging her pussy with her fingers, works herself into a blissful orgasm. She's just come home from work as she plops on the bed, still in her office clothes. But they don't stay on for long: pretty soon, Stephanie has stripped out of her confining pants so that she has full and unrestricted access to her already wet (More...)

On a hot summer day, Summer makes her stiff clit sizzle!

Found in 'Just Jilling'

Thinking no one is home, Summer feels free to open her legs and touch her female pleasure zone. Little does she know the camera has caught her red-handed -- make that sticky-handed!

Our horny wife retires to a back room where it's cooler for the summer months. Summer begins by rocking her clitoris while on her side. After a few minutes, she rolls onto her back, where she parts her knees, and dips her fingers into a waiting and willing (More...)

Ronee secretly tries out the Sybian

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Ronee is the last woman I thought would be willing to use a Sybian, but Kurt (her husband) wanted to give it a try. So he packed it up, brought it home, set up a camera, and waited. Over more than two months he caught his shy wife riding it to climax. This is by far the best of the bunch, and even has Ronee stripping out of her little house skirt, where we enjoy her fully nude body as she fucks (More...)

Barefoot Conni takes care of her lonely pussy and rock-hard clit

Found in 'Legs Up Masturbating'

Conni thinks she's alone and no one can see her, so she slips her panties down and works a vibrator deep into her wet and gaping pussy. She's wanting it deep, so she folds her long legs back and up, and sticks her bare feet high into the air. She uses one hand to massage her hard, pink clit, and the other hand to pump the vibrator in and out of her (More...)